My Ideal price alert


Today I want to discuss with you about the Idea of Ideal price alert.

This idea came in my mind during discussion with my friends about buying Mobile phone i.e. Samsung Galaxy Duos 2.

My friend told me that he will not buy this phone until the price of it will reach to its lowest price to Rs. 8500 in India. (By the way at that time its price was Rs. 10,000).

So I decided that if some application or site will allow you to notify you the price of mobile to reach this specific price through SMS then it will increase the selling of mobile phones and customer will also gets satisfied with this service.

Most of the time the person thinks that he will buy this product or that product when its price will reach to particular specific price. And when the price of that product reach to that specific price then on that time either person do not know about this news or divert his mind to other product.

So, My Ideal price alert application or site will never forget you to notify you about the product price. However its all conceptual and need to implement if someone interested.

By the way you can look into or makhichoose (for Chrome)     (for Mozilla) plugin to get the lowest price of the product you want to buy online.


The combination of lowest price online and price alert through sms to reach to the user specified price will make you success.


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