Phone Assembler or Device Assembler

Hi there,

Today I come with one new Idea that will work good for Device Customer and Device Makers also.

This App is actually fill the difference or gap between the CUSTOMER and the MANUFACTURER.

Most of the time manufacturer design and launch some product which some times not fits the user requirement and became failed.

This App will ask the Public/Customer:

what do you want in this product and what should you do not care about ?

For example:

If we consider the Mobile Manufacturer 

Now a days Most of the Customers know about the mobile processor, display, camera, RAM etc. If we divert them to Device Assembler site to fill there requirement to what type of display, RAM, processor, Camera etc. they need in their mobile. 

Based on this requirement and based on the majority, the manufacturer will design that product.

Most of them will say that this can’t be possible because of user requirement changes over time.

Yes you are right!! User requirement changes over time 

But Now a Days Most of the basic product like Processor, display, RAM are easily available in a lots and Manufacturer needs to assemble them and launch it.

Assembling does not require more time so the customer requirement will get deliver to customers on time.

Thanks for the reading 🙂

Will get back to you with the next post.


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