Android setup procedure

Android Site Link for Setup of Android [ “” ]


* Firstly make sure that JDK 5 or JDK 6 (JRE alone is not sufficient) or more is installed on your PC.

* Download the Android Sdk through Site [ “” ]

* Extract the downloaded file to your home folder.

* Download the Eclipse (Eclipse Helios Packages (v 3.6)) through the following site:

[ “” ]

* Extract the downloaded file to your home folder.

* Now open the Eclipse through eclipse.exe which is present in downloaded Folder (and you can also make its desktop shortcut from here.)

* open Eclipse (Application -> Programming -> Eclipse)
On the menubar, click on Help -> Install new software. Then the wizard open which requires to add a site

* Type “” [in Work with: type or select a site] and press Add

* You will see that there are several software now available for installation. Ignore them.

* Next, erase away the entry in the Work With field and add [ “” ]. Click Add.

* Go to Windows -> Preferences. On the left, select the Android entry.
Enter the Android filepath in the SDK location field. Click Apply follow by OK.

For Ex: if your android-sdk-windows folder resides at C:\Android\
then you have to write this “C:\Android\android-sdk-windows”

* Go to Windows -> Android SDK and AVD Manager.

* On the left pane, select the “Available Packages” entry.
On the right, place a check on the version of the Android SDK that you want to install. Select “SDK Platform Android 2.1, API 7, revision 2”
Once done, click the Install Selected button.

Note: this will take time as it will download and install the software.

* That’s it. You have install and set up Android SDK in your Windows.

* Restart Eclipse

* To create a new Android project, simply go to File -> New -> Project and choose Android project in the Wizard window.
Note : Currently we installed Eclipse and SDK in Following Folders.




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